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What is Money?

What are the currency notes used in Jordan? Let’s learn basic money concepts and explore interesting banknote facts.

Jordanian Flag Pin

Learn more about Jordan flag colors and symbols and make your own pin.

Naughty Tutu

A story that motivates your children to avoid wrong behaviors and adopt healthy habits that protect them from disease.

Jordan’s Centennial

On the occasion of Jordan’s centennial, Listen to Sheikh Khaled to know the story of our Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Sea and Temperature

What is the relationship between temperature and sea level? Test this effect using this excited experiment.

I and my germs

When should we wash our hands with soap? How this can protect us from diseases and germs?

Index of refraction

Discover how to make glass disappear with oil using the index of refraction

Lava Lamp

Whatch this simple chemistry experiment andlear how to use the density differences of water and oil to make what looks like a lava lamp.

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