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Every day, there is a new experience happening at the Museum.
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Every day, there is a new experience happening at the Museum.

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The Mobile Children’s Museum

The Mobile Children’s Museum was launched in 2012. It aims at extending the Children's Museum's exciting learning experiences to as many children as possible across the Kingdom. The Mobile Museum opens its doors for free for families and students wherever it goes. It includes several stations carried within its moving truck such as 3D Planetarium, Energy Around Us station, Art station, City Square station, and other stations displayed usually inside sport halls and halls of some schools. Through these stations, children enjoy the activities, science shows and interactive exhibits presented by the Museum’s facilitators.

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By donating to the Children’s Museum, you are helping us reach as many children as possible in Jordan to provide them with our unique educational and interactive experience. Your generous contribution will go a long way.


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CMJ experts provide consultancy to informal and non-formal learning organizations
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