The Children’s Museum Products

About the products of the Children’s Museum Jordan

The Museum’s specialized team worked on developing and designing products that combine play and learning in various topics that suit different children’s interests

These products were designed with the aim of enriching children’s knowledge and enhancing their key skills.

You can scroll down through all the products and read about the different set of skills that each product enhances.

Note: All products are available at the Museum’s shop. We also deliver them inside and outside of Amman with extra charges.

Delivery inside Amman: JD 3

Delivery to other governorates: JD 5

Shadow Theater

About the product:

The shadow theatre allows children to live a similar experience to an actual show. They can present spectacular performances to friends and family using the tickets and invitation cards to invite them in advance!

This kit includes a script for a story from traditional Arabic folklore featuring puppets of the infamous Joha and his donkey.

Can you come up with your own shadow performance?

Ages: 7 years and above

Price: JD 25

Languages: Arabic & English

The product helps with developing the following skills:

Literacy and Linguistic skills

Small Projects’ development

Imagination and creativity

What is inside the box:

  • Script of “Joha & his donkey” play+ props
  • Theatre stage
  • Ticket book
  • Invitation cards
  • Clip-on light
Tinkering Box 1

About this product:

This product was designed and developed for children who love to tinker and innovate!

Tinkering is all about hands-on experimenting, creating things and learning from trial and error method.

Ages: 6 years and above

Price: JD 12

Languages: Arabic & English

Scientific concepts to learn:

  • What makes things balance despite their different shapes and through finding the balancing point.
  • Learn about simple machines.


This product helps developing the following skills:

  • Problem solving skills
  • Creative thinking skills
  • Motor skills

What is inside the box:

The box includes tools to make two products of tinkering: (Balancing Toy and Linkages).

  • Cardboard cutouts and strips
  • Wooden sticks, fastening pins and playdough
  • Googly eyes, paper tape and crayons
Gardening Box

About the Product:

As with the materials inside the box, children can learn the fundamentals of planting, and grow their own small garden.  

They can plant three types of herbs using the seeds inside.

Ages: 6 years and above

Price: JD 22

Languages: Arabic & English

The product helps developing the following skills:

This product aims to encourage children to connect with nature around them and to build generations that love nature.

Using the cards and the activities’ booklet children learn how to take care of the plants, and how to try different ways of planting.

The box helps develop the following skills:


Creativity and discovery

Nutrition and Health

Motor skills

What is inside the box:

  • Planting pots X 3
  • Wooden signs X 3
  • Gravel, chalk and sand
  • Shovel, tablecloth and Peat Moss soil
  • Seeds: 3 types of herbs
Financial Agenda

About this Product:

This product was designed to enhance children’s financial literacy. Using many tools, it educates them in an interactive manner about the fundamentals of finance management & planning since a young age

Ages: 8 years and above

Price: JD 7

Languages: Available only in Arabic .

The product helps developing the following skills:

  • Understanding the concepts of financial income, and how to manage it from a young age.
  • Setting financial goals and planning to achieve them.
  • How to start new projects to make income
  • Differentiate between needs and wants
  • Responsibility

The product’s contents:

The financial agenda includes some tools to help children manage their finances in their daily lives.

  • My Financial Agenda notebook
  • Needs and wants sticker
  • My financial calendar
  • “Forsa” box
  • Envelops of spending, saving and sharing.
Ramadan Lantern

About this product:

If your child loves art and crafts, they will enjoy coloring, assembling and lighting this beautiful lantern.

Colored Lantern: JD 3

White Lantern: JD 3.5

Ages: 5 and above

Languages: English & Arabic

The product helps developing the following skills:

  • Motor skills
  • Creativity

This product’s contents:

  • A cardboard lantern
  • An electric candle
  • Crayons (for the white lantern).
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