How do we reach all children in Jordan?

We launched the Museum for All initiative in 2010 because the Children’s Museum Jordan is a place for every child in Jordan, and because we want to make the Museum’s educational experience accessible to all.

This initiative helps make the Museum available for as many children in Jordan breaking down any financial, geographical or any other barriers to enjoying our fun learning.
initiative programs

The “Museum for All” initiative includes the following programs:


The Mobile Children’s Museum

Launched in 2012, aims at extending the Children's Museum's exciting learning experiences to as many children as possible across the Kingdom. It presents learning in fun and interactive ways and it opens its doors for free for families and students wherever it goes.

UNRWA School Visitation Program

The Children’s Museum has a long-standing partnership with UNRWA enabling their schools’ children to visit the Museum for free in order to ensure reaching the largest possible number of students in underserved communities that cannot visit the Museum regularly.

Public Schools Visitation Program

All public schools’ students visit the Children’s Museum Jordan for free during school semesters.

Science Everywhere Program

This is a mobile scientific educational program whereby we present science shows for children. It targets children in hospitals, refugee camps, host communities and schools. As most of the targeted children whether in hospitals or refugee camps were forced by their circumstances to drop out of their schools for a long period of time, the content was developed after taking into consideration the situation of the children aiming to spark their curiosity for science.

Charities and Orphanages Visitation Program

As part of an agreement of understanding with the Ministry of Social Development, the Museum receives children's groups from orphanages and charities free of charge. Furthermore, orphans are invited every year during the holy month of Ramadan to visit the Museum and have Iftars that are generously sponsored by the private sector.

Open Days

For families who wish to play, explore and learn at the Museum with their children, the Open Days held on every first Saturday of every month are a perfect opportunity to do so. The Open Days were designed to provide access to families from underserved communities so they can enjoy the Museum’s unique learning experience. Click here for information about opening hours and visiting regulations during the Open Days.
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