Our Team

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The Communications & Marketing:  is responsible for external and internal implementation and application of the Museum’s branding and identification. Moreover, the Communication team is responsible for managing the website and our social media channels, public relations plans, communications and marketing plans, signage and advertising and documenting the Museum’s events and programs.

The Development & Fundraising Department: plays an important role in gathering funds and resources to help sustain the operations and enhance the offerings of the Children’s Museum.

On the other hand the Development team is always pushing towards raising the Museum’s internal funding coming from memberships, rentals and sales. Additionally, the team is managing relationships with existing partners and beneficiaries and building relations with new ones while maintaining good long-term relationship with them

The Education and Programs Department: works to support the overall mission of the Children’s Museum through experience enhancing, immersive programs and events, delivered both on and off-site, that cater to enhancing stated educational agendas and core competencies.
Educational programs and events are designed to be fun, exiting and memorable to children.
Programs typology includes exhibits and non-exhibits based programs, community events and school programe, The department manages and runs the: Exhibits hall, Art Studio, Library, and Exhibits maintenance.

The Human Resources Department: recruits and informs new employees and volunteers, as well as determines development and training needs of the Museum’s team, while implementing some of the training programs, administers wages, salaries, employee benefits and promotions. The Human Resources team maintains a personal record for each employee. The team also ensures that the Museum adheres to all regulations in relation to human resources including social security, health insurance and other labor law issues.

The Facilities Department: ensures that all facilities are well maintained, secured and cleaned in addition to planning, managing and operating the building. Moreover, the team duties also include: managing contracts for maintenance, repairing and cleaning services, maintaining fire detection alarm and deterrent system, preparing logistics and set up as per the Museum’s standards and ensuring the safety of visitors as well as employees. The department includes: Maintenance, Logistics and set up, Security Unit, and Housekeeping.

The Finance Department: is responsible for the control of money in the Museum. The Finance team prepares reports relating to budgets, taxes and financial statements. It ensures all working procedures comply with the Museum’s internal policy, records and monitors all financial transactions in accordance to internal accounting standards, and establishes budgeting process to enhance the financial position of the Museum.

The Information Technology (IT) Department: is responsible for maintaining the continuity the work of computers, Internet and the Intranet network within the Museum. It also manages continuity of the physical components of computers’ network in terms of maintenance and periodic updating for programs used by staff and maintaining databases for accounting, ticketing, personnel, warehouse, booking, and points of sales.

The Museum’s Intranet is an internal net established for the purpose of providing all employees with updated information and database pertaining the Museum’s programs, activities, events, announcements together with the necessary information, key documents, policies and forms that employees may need.

The Visitors Relations Department: is responsible for ensuring that all visitors are entering the Museum through the front desk (reception) and providing the appropriate tickets for each group, individuals, and families. Moreover, the Unit’s duties include: Offering membership for non-members visitors, answering all visitors' questions related to the Museum, our services, programs, events and activities and dealing with all visitors in the most professional attitude and ensuring we are giving the best impression.