Volunteer Form

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The Children’s Museum –Jordan Volunteer Application Form
Please complete this application form if you are interested in becoming a children’s Museum –Jordan volunteer. Once you complete the form click the submit button at the bottom 

Name & Address
Emergency Contact Information
Demographic information

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Do you have any specific skills you would like to make us aware of? For example: Are you First aider, a carpenter , artistic ,hold a science related degree, or do you have other professional experience of a pertinent nature? :

Service of Excellence Agreement
The Children’s Museum – Jordan staff and volunteers work together to accomplish a common goal of enriching the lives of children. Staff and volunteers are committed to service excellence in order to ensure the safety of visitors and provide excellent customer service.
Visitor Experience
• Be alert and attentive to visitors , no chatting with staff or volunteers while stationed.
• No cell phones or musical devices during volunteer hours.
• if you need to be relieved from your station for whatever reason , notify a staff person prior to leaving you post.
• if you are unable to answer a visitor’s question ,direct them to the nearest staff member for assistance.

Dress Code
• Please wear a children’s Museum – Jordan vest designed for volunteer
• Please dress professionally & comfortably (you will receive white T.shirt & expected to have blue/black classic jeans & light boot. (White head cover for females if needed)

Volunteer service
• To schedule volunteer times contact Samaa Dhmour at 06-5411479 Ext.2018 or e-mail: volunteers @ cmj.jo Volunteers must notify children’s Museum –Jordan before coming in to volunteer.
• Please call 06 5411479 ext. 2018 if you are unable to fulfill your scheduled volunteer hours
• Sign in and out every time you volunteer

I understand and agree to abide by the service excellence code as specified above. As a children’s Museum - Jordan representative I am committed to serving the mission of the organization and fulfilling my volunteer service to the best of my ability.
Your status as a children’s Museum-Jordan volunteer in good standing is evaluated based on your performance on the floor , showing up when scheduled and on time, showing up in dress code and responding to Museum visitors and children’s Museum-Jordan staff and Educators with courtesy and respect . Should you be found out of good standing, It is the prerogative of children’s Museum-Jordan to terminate your service at any time.


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