Visiting safety guidelines

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We are delighted to welcome you back to the Children’s Museum Jordan! We have taken all the necessary measures to ensure that everyone’s visit is as safe as possible.

For a safe visit to the Children’s Museum Jordan, please make sure you read and follow the following safety guidelines:

  • Prior to your visit
    • Read the safety instructions available on the Museum’s website and social media pages
    • Check the cleaning and disinfecting measures performed at the Museum every day, and during the day
    • Before leaving the house, please make sure you have your protective mask and disposable gloves. If you forget to carry them with you, do not worry, we have made them available for sale at the Museum’s entrance.
    • Visitors’ temperatures will be checked at the entrance and prior to entry to the premises. Anyone with temperature higher than 37.5 degrees will not be admitted.
    • Sanitize your hands at the designated station before entering into the Museum
    • Wipe down your shoes using the disinfectant mat placed at the entrance
    • When buying your tickets at the Reception area, please follow the red stickers on the floor that indicate where to stand for a safe distance from others. 
    • All visitors are encouraged to pay by credit/debit cards instead of cash and are asked to kindly keep a safe distance from staff at the Reception Desk.
    • Only one member of each family will be allowed to stand in line for admission tickets while the rest of the family should we wait separately.

During the visit:

  • Please follow and read all the safety measure and guidelines shown on banners and floor stickers that are distributed around the Museum.
  • Wear your protective mask all the time (every visitor above 2 years old)
  • Wear your disposable gloves
  • Frequently wash and sanitize your hands during your visit. We made hand sanitizers available for you around the Museum
  • Maintain a safe distance from other visitors (1.5 m)
  • Please follow any instructions given by our staff inside the Museum, as they make sure everyone is complying to the safety guidelines
  • Please wait before using an exhibit when asked by our team, as they may be in the process of re-sanitization of the surfaces/area
  • Do not use the temporarily closed exhibits. There are signs at each closed exhibit to guide you

How do we make sure of social distancing inside the Museum?

  • We count all our visitors and ensure that there are never too many people at the Museum at one time, as per the Ministry of Health’s recommendations
  • We have placed barriers at the area and/or exhibits that would most likely cause crowdedness, to organize entry and exit facilitated by our staff
  • We make sure there are not too many people gathered in one place.


Cleaning and disinfecting measures done at the Museum:

  • Before opening our doors every day, our staff conducts deep cleaning and disinfecting to the whole Museum, using disinfectant products that are internationally approved and safe for children
  • Our staff performs frequent cleaning to the exhibits after being used by visitors
  • Depending on the situation, the Museum might close its doors for one hour in the middle of the day to run deep cleaning work before opening again to visitors
  • The Museum’s staff wash and sanitize their hands frequently
  • We have placed hand sanitizers around the Museum for your use