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Targets children and families living in poverty and underserved communities all around Jordan, with the aim of extending the Children's Museum's exciting learning experiences to more children across the Kingdom, The Mobile Museum presents learning in fun and interactive ways.

The 3D Planetarium
Is considered to be the most popular of all stations offered by the Children’s Mobile Museum amongst all children, by showing short 3D movies about stars, space and the moon the 3D planetarium proved to be the leading educational model in delivering scientific ideas and facts to the children in fun and exciting ways. The planetarium fits 40 students per session and offers the films at different times.

Discovery Stations
Through experiments and fun activities, these stations offer fun learning opportunities to the children.

Each station is a simple model that works by enhancing scientific abilities and critical thinking skills through fun educational programs:

Science All Around
This station introduces many educational programs which aim to teach children about various subjects of physics and chemistry in fun ways and with the use of special tools.

The main important issues tackled in this station are:

  • Magnets
  • Shapes and sizes
  • Physics
  • Current Electricity

Me and My Body
In this station children get to learn about different systems and bones in the body through visual mediums and models that children themselves get to put together and analyze to see how they work, In addition to this, children get to explore the body through x-rays and are introduced to the gum, teeth and oral hygiene.

Children get to walk around in this station and try out different costumes and participate in puppet shows.

Body and Balance
Kids learn best whenever they are playing and moving around, and in this station through teamwork children will get to learn new skills through different physical fun activities.
By the various physical activities offered in this station, such as the parachute activity, children become more aware of their capabilities and enhance their negotiation and communications skills by playing in groups.