Our Mobile Museum

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Targets children and families living in all around Jordan, with the aim of extending the Children's Museum's exciting learning experiences to more children across the Kingdom, The Mobile Museum presents learning in fun and interactive ways.

The 3D Planetarium
Is considered to be the most popular of all stations offered by the Children’s Mobile Museum amongst all children, by showing short 3D movies about stars, space and the moon the 3D planetarium proved to be the leading educational model in delivering scientific ideas and facts to the children in fun and exciting ways. The planetarium fits 40 students per session and offers the films at different times.

Discovery Stations
Through experiments and fun activities, these stations offer fun learning opportunities to the children.

Each station is a simple model that works by enhancing scientific abilities and critical thinking skills through fun educational programs:

Movement and activity:
Children learn better through play and movement. At this station, children play group games, as well as many different exercises that help them discover their physical abilities & skills and develop their teamwork spirit

Science All Around

It aims to teach children about various scientific topics: physics and chemistry through special designed programs and tools.

It also addresses and simplifies many scientific concepts.

The Human Body:

In this station, children learn about the human body and how bones and the various body organs work.

Children can also see the human body with X-ray. Also, children learn about their teeth and Oral Health.

City Square:

Children can roam the city square to play different roles, try costumes, and join the puppet theater.

Art Station:

This station offers children to the space to express themselves through art. The station programs vary to address scientific and social topics that children can share their ideas and creations about.

Energy around us:

This stations was developed by the Children’s Museum team and with a generous support from the European Union. “Energy around Us” station aims to increase the awareness of children and their families in the provinces about the importance of renewable energy and how to generate energy from natural resources such as water, wind and others. The station includes 8 interactive exhibits, each demonstrates one of renewable energy concepts.

Ideas Box:

Is a pop-up multimedia center and portable library developed by Libraries Without Borders. This innovative tool is loaded in four boxes easily expanded and set up to provide access to a range of educational programs and applications. They transform into a full media center including laptops and tablets as well as tables and chairs; the boxes can also unfold to offer a large cinema screen and a film projector, in addition to a library with a variety of e-books and printed stories.

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