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In Program Development and Implementation

To achieve its objective in making more of an impact on the local community and to contribute further to children’s education, the Museum’s team has been developing exciting programs and unique Arabic content. It has been noted that these programs really help a child grasp what can often be complex or difficult concepts more easily. The objective behind these programs is to provide children with room to explore, experiment and develop conclusions without lecturing them.

We develop interactive programs that enhance the learning experience in sciences, literacy, arts, culture, civic competence and tinkering.

Our offerings:

  • Specialized program content development  for schools and families

How to develop specific programs for both audiences including templates and checklists.

  • Annual programing consultancy

How to create an annual master calendar which also helps Marketing and Communications in advance planning.

  • Event development and management consultancy

How to plan for "blockbuster" events that mark national days and holidays in order to nurture civic competence and cultural value.

  • Staff training and capacity building

We offer specialized training on inquiry based learning, our team will also guide you through the basics of program development from research to implementation in order to streamline the process and assist you in setting a clear policy for program development.

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In Strategic Planning and Operations

What we know for sure is how to attract the public in a society that is not familiar with museums or science centers by ensuring the organization is relevant to its community.

We are very aware of the challenges we face in our region however we have   developed an operation that attracts over 300,000 annual visitors.

Our offerings:

  • Marketing & communications consultancy

Our experience in communicating to the general public and innovative visual strategy helps similar organizations reach their audience in the most effective manner.

  • Community Impact consultancy

Our expertise in building partnerships and alliances with local stakeholders and our vast knowledge in outreach planning enables us to offer a wide range of solutions that guarantee community impact.

  • Monitoring & Evaluation consultancy

Annual plans do not yield results without solid monitoring and evaluation that is relevant to the organization’s objectives: KPIs, surveys and tools to measure visitors’ satisfaction with offerings and enabling improvement of operations.

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Our Educational Partnerships

We collaborate with museums, NGOs, and corporate partners to advance interactive learning in the region. Our Education and Programs team regularly participates in fairs, festivals and short-term projects both locally and regionally.  Should your organization need Arabic or English content customized for a special occasion, then we can easily contribute to that.

Our strength lies in our deep understanding of the needs of our region and its culture. Our content, therefore, is customized to meet the needs of our partners. 

Our Offerings:

  • Customized content development for interactive educational experiences:
  1. Hands on workshops
  2. Mini exhibits
  3. Educational activities
  • Supportive onsite training for staff and volunteers to enhance content delivery. 
  • Live Science Communication shows suitable for schools and fairs.
    1. Mrs. Y Science to Hawaii Show-45min
    2. Working under Pressure Show -45min
    3. Future Energy Show-45
  • A wide selection of ready to offer educational workshops that meet your audiences’ needs

For more information and inquiries please contact: