Community Connections

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The Children’s Museum Jordan marks important dates and events with exciting programs and activity sessions that are available to all visitors.

Like everything we do at the Museum, we introduce good citizenship concepts to children through an out-of the box approach. Instead of lecturing them about their role in supporting their country, we are providing them with opportunities to learn of the challenges from a broader perspective. Therefore, our young visitors participate in hands on activities and projects enabling them to learn more about the issues while also learning more about their role and how they can help.

Earth Month (April)

A month filled with environmentally friendly activities and programs celebrating planet Earth. This unique month aims to raise students’ awareness of the need to preserve the Earth’s precious resources.

Arab Child Month (October)

Every person and society on earth works hard to ensure children have every chance in life and an environment that meets their needs. For the duration of this week the Children’s Museum celebrates children through play, the medium that brings children together around the world, a week full of activities, entertainment and joy for our young visitors.

Persons with Disabilities Month (December) 

We are all different, and our differences are perfectly normal: they make us who we are. In December, we celebrate persons with disabilities and address the issue of equality for all members of society, working to raise children’s awareness of the importance of respecting everybody around them, while correcting some of the misperceptions so common in society. 
To view photos of above Community Connections programs, click here